Inflatable Chimney Balloon


The Chimney Balloon is like a plastic pillow and is engineered and designed to be placed in a chimney that is not being used in order to stop warm air going up your chimney and draughts coming down.

  • Suitable for Unused chimneys only
  • Designed to allow nominal ventilation
  • Made from plastic tri-laminate
  • Options to fit chimneys up to 90cm x 38 cm – measure chimney about one to two feet above fireplace opening where sides are parallel
  • Choose Chimney Balloon of appropriate size or slightly larger than chimney to allow it to be held in position
  • Easily deflated and removed when a fire is needed – and re- usable afterwards
  • Safety feature - if fire is lit by mistake , the Chimney Balloon will shrink in about 40 seconds to allow smoke and fumes to go up the chimney ( a new one will then be required )

Important Notes

  • Please ensure that this item will fit your chimney before ordering by carefully measuring the internal size.
  • Please note this item is not suitable for live chimneys, flues  or flexible flue liners.
  • Please ensure chimney is in good sound condition before fitting.
  • Please also read our returns policy before ordering.


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Price From: £28.41

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Inflatable Chimney Balloon

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