Colt High Top Birdguard


The Colt High Top Birdguard, is a fully assembled Birdguard with Raincap that is designed to remedy the nuisance caused by birds, leaves and other debris. The Raincap substantially reduces rain-entry.

  • Gas model suitable for chimney pots of internal diameter 125mm to 250mm (BS5871) with corrosion resistant stainless steel mesh
  • Solid Fuel/Oil model for chimney pots of internal diameter 125mm to 250 mm with 25mm corrosion resistant mesh to reduce the potential for clogging by soot
  • Maximum outside diameter of pot 285mm
  • Both models available in brown finish to co-ordinate with most chimney pots
  • Instant easy secure fixing with stainless steel band

Important Notes

  • Please ensure that this item will fit your chimney pot  before ordering by carefully measuring the internal and external diameters.
  • Please be careful to order the correct model f or the fuel that will be used.
  • Please also read our returns policy before ordering.


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Colt High Top Birdguard

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Model Gas Oil Wood Coal Wood Burner Lack of Updraught Too much Downdraught Bird Entry Rain Entry Unused Chimney Round Chimney Pot Flexible Flue Liner
Gas Yes No No No No No No Yes Yes No Yes No
Solid Fuel No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No Yes No