What is downdraught?

Downdraught is probably the single most common problem we come across here at Simply Cowls. Downdraught is simply when, for whatever reason, wind blows down the chimney which prevents gases rising up and out. We have a number of products to help cure downdraught problems. SEE PRODUCTS


What’s the difference between an Antidowndraught Cowl and a Birdguard?

An Antidowndraught Cowl is designed to prevent downdraught thus encouraging the safe and efficient release of gases into the atmosphere. SEE PRODUCTS

A Birdguard is installed to simply help prevent birds, leaves and other animals/debris from entering the chimney. Some birdguards also have rain caps to help prevent rain entering the chimney as well. SEE PRODUCTS


What do the different fixing methods mean?

Some products will only have a single fixing method, others will have a choice of two or three methods. The three fixing methods are:

  • Clamp – hooks and bolts are used to fasten the terminal to the pot. A very simple and secure method of fixing for chimneys in good condition.
  • Sleeve – the sleeve slides into the pot and expands to provide an extra secure method of fixing, useful in exposed and windy situations.
  • Strap – legs run down the outside of the pot and are then held in place by a strong strap. This secure method of fixing also allows for easy sweeping.


     Does fuel type matter?

    It certainly does. Differing fuel types give off different gases and so require different terminals. At Simply Cowls we have a variety of options for both Gas (SEE PRODUCTS) and Solid Fuel (SEE PRODUCTS).


    What if I have an unused chimney?

    Unused chimneys can still cause problems, so we have a number of products designed to prevent these problems. Cappers prevent rain and bird entry and the inflatable chimney balloon is an effective way of stopping warm air going up the chimney and cold air down.


    I have a flexible flue liner. Is that a problem?

    Not at all. Whilst most of our products are not suitable for flexible flue liners, the Brewer Birdguard for Pot with flexible flue liner has been specifically designed to cater for this type of flue.


    How much will I be charged for delivery?

    We charge £5 delivery to mainland UK (excluding islands and the north of Scotland). For those of you lucky enough to live in the north of Scotland, on the UK islands or outside the UK please contact us for a delivery cost.


    How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

    Orders placed by 11am will be processed and dispatched the same day, for next day delivery to Mainland UK. Please read our delivery terms and conditions for more details about the delivery process.

    If there is any problem with this delivery time we will contact you as soon as possible to advise of the delay and will always in these rare circumstances give you the option to immediately cancel your order with, of course, a full refund.


    What if I need next day delivery?

    All orders received by 11am will be dispatched for next working day delivery (courier permitting). If you require a morning or Saturday delivery please contact us for our extra delivery charge. Please also read our delivery terms and conditions.


    What if there is a problem with the product I have purchased?

    Please read our delivery terms and conditions before proceeding to the checkout, so that we will be able to help you if a problem does arise.


    What about VAT?

    All our prices include VAT at the current UK rate of 20%.